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Brass or Copper Lota

Another common sight in the traditional Indian home is the brass or copper jug or lota. The vessel is commonly used and seen at a number of if not all Indian rituals. The brass or copper jug or lota is a part of the alter in every Indian home. When used at the alter, the brass or copper jug is used to store water or milk offered to the pantheon of gods and goddesses worshipped. It is believed that the metal that the lota is made from infuses the liquid contained with added vigor. It is not uncommon to see one filled with grain or other offerings like ghee or even flowers at any Indian Hindu ritual.
Puja-lota1-Mathura-Copper In the traditional Indian kitchen, the brass or copper jug or lota is used to preserve or hole liquids like butter milk, milk or water. In many homes the jug is also used for removing water from the traditional earthen water pot that stands in one corner of the kitchen. Its unique shape and well rounded edges makes the jug a must have in the kitchen. In many homes the brass or copper jug or lota makes a stately appearance at the meals. Most often, at the dining table, it holds water.

The brass or copper jug or lota, like most other typical Indian utensils and metal ware, is passed down from one generation to the other. When cleaned well, the jug looks grand on the table. It compliments other typical Indian kitchen ware like the panch dhatu bowls and plates and the various types of earthen dishes.

The use of the brass or copper jug or lota goes beyond the kitchen too. On account of its shape and capacity to hold liquids like water, the jug is sometimes seen in the bathroom. Here, it serves as a mug to pour water. The jug is commonly used in spas offering ayurveda treatments. They are used to hold and preserve mixtures for added strength. The brass or copper jug or lota is very versatile in use. Back in the kitchen, it is also used as a measure. Many such lotas pop up out of various containers holding grain and lentils. The jugs come in various sizes and while the smaller variations are used at the alter, the larger ones are seen in the kitchen. In times of illness, women of the home keep water in the jug overnight, to be consumed the next morning.


In kitchens, we have been using copper utensils to cook for a long time. When we did not search of cook for a long time. When we did not search of steel and aluminum utensils that time copper utensils were cheap and simply using. But there was a great problem to clean copper utensils. Copper utensils converted into blackness very soon so slowly copper utensils were stoped to use in houses. In present time we use steel’s utensils because steel is cleaned very easily. Copper is the pure metal. Brass is mixture of copper and zinc. There are 707 copper and 307 zinc in mixed brass. Due to moisture in atmosphere and increasing pollution, copper metal converts into blackness and greenness, Due to use of detergent and soaps to clean utensils, these utensils converts into blankness. People should dry copper utensils by clean clothes after washing them. Using this method copper utensils keeps on shining ever and utensils will not convert into blackness. In ancient time we had to use lemon, tamarind, curd and ashes to clean utensils due to use all of these was not any special powder to clean utensils. Using of cheap powder utensils started to shine but for a some time and hands of people were rough by using such types of powder. So slowly using of copper utensils began to less and these utensils were kept in corner. But in present time most of people are knowing about copper’s merits and benefits copper utensils. In present time copper utensils are getting a new shape. People are coming back but in new style
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