We provide all types of copper utensils and puja item

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From beginning till today, many types of pots of Copper, brass, bronze etc have been used in Indian kitchen. Since 1925, Our grandfather late Mr. Nandlal ji had entered in this field who used to manufacture pots by art of hands. That time, there was no time to mechanization. In 1938, Mr. Laxmandas, son of Late Mr. Nandlal started to manufacture of Gangasagar changing of all types of pots which are used in houses. This great change of pots was superb product of that time.
sahastrabahu2This product has been used by people successfully till today. Today, we manufacture our products by Mr. Laxmandas’ laborious and wisdom. After him his son Mr. Nanakchand ji started business of copper, brass and steel since 1965. Mr. Nanakchand had a dream that he would touch the sky one day. To get his dream, he inavgurated a new rolling factory. This factory was stabilized for sheet circle work. Today it is used to manufacture all types of copper pots, Mr. Surendra Kumar ji, son of Mr. Nanakchand ji played a very important role to get his dream and today we start our website through his motivation. Our business is involved with Rajasthan, M.P., U.P., Uttrakhand, Gujrat, Delhi etc. We always thank to the God.

We provide all types of Copper utensils like puja item and kitchen item. we make pure copper product we have all types of copper utensil, we are ready to serve the customer.we have good relationship with customers.


The copper is called purest metal. It is used in temples. There is a history about 3000 years. First of all, the copper was used by Greekians. They used copper utensils to cook food. Furnitures and god-goddess’ idoles were made of copper. Benefits to body by Copper:- i. Our skin gets glow. ii. In creases our diets. iii. Helpful to control B.P. iv. Provides effective relief from acidity. v. Helpful in piles and Anemia....
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